Gold Club Members

Congratulations to the following members for achieving GOLD MEMBER STATUS. Each of these members have sponsored six (6) or more members into BNI.  Their continued dedication to the success of their chapter by inviting and sponsoring future referral partners for their fellow chapter members is a GIVERS GAIN® deed that is worthy of recognition. 

On behalf of the region and their fellow members we want to thank the following: 

NY - Albany Region      
Name        Chapter # Sponsored
Keith Crist      Adirondack 11
MindyScialdone      Crossroads Connections 11
Barbara Kenison      Pathfinders 10
Tucker Stanclift      Great Glens Falls 10
Schuyler Hatt      Crossroads Connections 9
Deborah Christopher      Business Brewers 7
Chris Green      Action Allstars 7
Laura Guillerault      Business Brewers 7
Juan Luis Lopez      Triple Crown 7
Dr. Ellen Nichols      Pathfinders 7
Sherri Pennartz      Business Exchange Leaders 7
Debra Verni      Winners Circle 7
Sherri Wade      Albany Metro 7
John Fridholm      Action Allstars 6
David Kubikian      Action Allstars 6
Mike O’Brien      Action Allstars 6
Michelle Young     Business Exchange Leaders 6
NY - Syracuse Region      
Stephen Turnbill      Excellence in Motion 10
Karen Kenny      Syracuse 1st 9
Holly Salp Wallace        Syracuse 1st 8


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